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Reusable Makeup wipes - Pack of 4 - Whales

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Disposable makeup pads are the definition of single-use. Use once, throw away, use another, oh and another, throw away 3 just for one eye?! Swap to reusable pads that you can just pop in your washing and re-use!

Set of 4 washable and reusable make up wipes, to help your bathroom break free from plastic. These super soft wipes are made with a layer of bamboo and a layer of organic cotton. Once they got to the end of their long life, just cut them up and pop them in the compost.


They can be machine washed on 30°C without fabric softener.

Size: 7x7cm (approximately)

These squares are handmade, therefore slight differences in size and shape can appear.

Made with

Organic cotton

Organic cotton thread


Set of 4

  •  handmade in the UK
  • ethical and sustainable
  • 100% plastic-free