Wooden Clothes Pegs

Wooden Clothes Pegs

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Eco-friendly lifelong lasting wooden clothes pegs

Clothes pegs somewhere down the line changed from wood to plastic. Now, most washing lines are full of discoloured chunky plastic pegs. Make the switch back to plastic-free pegs with these sustainable  pegs with a degradable steel spring. 

The best clothes pegs!

A pack of 20 Wooden Clothes Pegs. Made of FSC® certified beech wood and a steel spring. These pegs are packaged in a recycled and recyclable cardboard box and are 100% plastic free

Make your wooden clothes pegs last

  • Keep dry after use to prevent mould formation

  • At the end of its life, seperate the wire from the wood

  • Steel is widely recycled and bamboo is compostable. Check with your local council how and where you can recycle and compost.

  • The wood could also be used as wood for fire, or repurposed for arts and crafts - get creative!

  • And make sure to recycle the packaging