Amber Glass Spray Bottle - 500ml

Amber Glass Spray Bottle - 500ml

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Glass Spray Bottles for Cleaning 

These dark amber glass spray atomiser top bottles are perfect for using as reusable cleaning bottles. Pop one of our OceanSaver pods in it, fill with water, shake and spray and never have to buy another plastic bottle again. Or fill up with your own DIY cleaning solution made with vinegar and lemon. Whatever you put inside of it you'll only need to buy one and keep refiling. Comes with a spray atomiser to dispense liquids as a fine mist

500ml Amber Glass Bottles

  • 500ml
  • Un-branded
  • Use with our OceanSaver cleaning pods
  • The atomiser and the top are plastic but is designed to only buy once and use forever


Main Body Diameter: 66.6mm

Label area: 74.9mm

Please Note: These trigger sprays need to be trimmed diagonally so they rest 1mm from the bottom of the bottle for optimal use.