Our Sustainability

You already know A Waste Free World is a plastic free online store, but our sustainability focus doesn't stop at the products we sell. Through the running of our small business we try to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible and here are someways we do that 

  • Reuse packaging

Does the box your product came in look a little used? That's because it is. We re-use every box that is sent to us. We believe in up-cycling and using the supplies we have been sent rather than buying new ones, and we'd love for you to re-use the box and packaging again. If you box has sellotape on it that is from the previous sender. We have a strict no sellotape rule

  • Paper tape only 

We only use plastic-free tape when wrapping our parcels. Our tape is recyclable.

  • Minimal inside packaging

We try to only wrap products when they are fragile. We believe most of our products don't need double wrapping inside the box, so when opening your box it will have more of a 'naked' feel

  • The right size box

We try and pack our products as snug as possible to fit into smaller boxes. Smaller boxes take us less room in the postal van/office and when sending internationally have less of a carbon footprint.

  • Marketting Materials
We only put a small thank you card in with your order which is made out of recycled paper and can be recycled again too. We don't add any marketting or product instructions leaflets that you will just throw away.