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Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant Tin - Grapefruit & Lemon

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Natural Deodorant

A calming and effective natural deodorant cream paste. The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant is made from 100% natural ingredients. It has anti-bacterial properties that will combat body odour all day long. Apply easily with fingertips, your deodorant will melt into your skin. No waiting to dry.

    The recommended shelf life of our natural deodorant is 14 months from purchase date as we like to keep the deodorants as freshly made as possible. However, past stability reports suggest 30 months from manufacturing.

    Please note that the natural ingredients in our formula are affected by temperature so in the warmer months they will become softer and in the cooler months they will be more solid. Please store accordingly.

    Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant is an aluminium free deodorant. 

    • Contains essential oils
    • No aluminium, parabens or carcinogens
    • Allows your skin to breath and perspire naturally
    • Will not block your sweat glands and will allow your body to remove toxins as nature intended.
    • Totally cruelty free
    • Vegan Friendly
    • Supports healthy marine life
    • Recyclable packaging, no plastic
    • Suitable for men, women and teens
    • EU registered and certified
    • 60g


    Apply sparingly with fingertips.

    Keep out of direct sunlight and refrigerate in warm weather if necessary.

     Marine Conservation

    10p from every deodorant sold goes to the Marine Conservation Society, a UK charity protecting our seas, shores and wildlife.