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Toothpaste Tablets with Fluoride - Refill Pack of 125 - 2 months supply

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Toothpaste, it's a thing. We all want to clean our teeth but Toothpaste is bulky stuff. Big bulky toothpaste stuff coming in huge plastic tubes with half of it being water. 

What's that? You would like an alternative? Certainly.

Toothpaste tabs

Tiny little tablets with minimal ingredients in a smashing little tin. These amazing little things work to help polish your teeth, making them smoother and healthier.

You won't ever put too much toothpaste on the brush again, nor squirt it in the sink.You can take these on holiday, on planes, on trains. There is less going into the tabs which means less being washed away each time.  All the gloop you get rid off when you rinse. 

ecoLiving will plant a tree through Eden Reforestation Project for every product sold! Alongside our tree we plant for every order that's 2 trees planted and no plastic consumed!


If you are looking for the toothtabs with the original tin, find them here, these are a refill pack you can pour into the tin you already have.

How to use

Just pop one in your mouth and chew until it feels smooth, then brush your teeth (ideally with a softer brush). 

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