There's plastic in your sponge and it's going directly into the oceans

Microplastic are sneaky bastards


So, you care about the environment, you've stopped buying single-use plastic, you recycle. You've changed your shampoo and you never use those nasty exfoliating scrubs full of teeny plastic beads.

But, have you stopped using sponges?

Did you know the sponge you are using to wash your dishes every day contains microplastic? See those small bluey bits at the bottom of the sponge? They are made from materials like polyester and nylon which are none recyclable and fall off on almost every wash, washing straight down our drains into our water systems. These microplastics then stay in the ocean forever, either being digested by marine life (ever seen how a whale shark eats) or making its way onto corals or the sea floor.

How often do you change your kitchen sponge – once, twice a week? Imagine that being repeated millions of times each week around the world. It’s a lot of waste, especially given that so many sponges are made from plastics, making them yet another item in our home that’s derived from oil.


There are a couple of alternatives to plastic, pesticide-soaked sponges


Earth-friendly sponge cleaning

Here at A Waste Free World, we take a lot of time researching our products and making sure they are environmentally friendly, and our un-sponges we stock are one of our favourite products. These Scrubbie sponges are not only 100% bio-degradable, plastic-free and vegan, but they are super cute too! 

Grow (or eat) your own sponge!

You can even have a shot at growing your own kitchen sponges! You’ve probably heard of Luffa sponges, also known as Loofa or Loofah. Luffa is a plant and the fruit is what the sponge is made from; so it’s an environmentally and vegan friendly product. Luffa fruits can also be eaten in the early stages! You can probably save quite a bit of cash over the years by having a Luffa plant in your garden.


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